Blixt issues, On&OffChain Frictions

Hi there, I am a recent LN user and I found the Blixt app interesting… I have had two wallets and I have used them without problems until they broke. This is the scenario:
Wallet Blixt 1: I have used on-chain funds from other wallets and I have opened channels to have funds in lightning, which I have used to pay some transactions and receive other amounts, the normal thing. For some reason the channels were not processing payments, although I could receive them, so I decided to close those channels and recover the funds on the Btc mainnet. The other party has closed the channels with low fees and they have been stuck in the mempool for weeks.
Wallet Blixt 2: Another device, another Blixt wallet, only with LN funds, without On-chain funds. At some point the wallet stopped synchronizing and I do not have access to those funds.

Now I will tell you what I have tried to recover a few hundred thousand Sats in both wallets. To be continue…

Before writing this post I have read the Blixt Faq guide without finding a solution to these questions, I have tried to contact Mr. Hampus who sent me the link to the official Telegram. There I was able to contact someone who claimed to be support, this person was in a hurry and sent me to a website where he urged me to give my seed…That seemed totally unsafe to me and I abandoned that path.Searching for more information I discovered bumping with CPFP transaction acceleration process to finish those stuck transactions. I have really learned a lot on this matter. In addition to knowing that other wallets have RBF and CPFP implemented natively. Regarding this, I have tried to create a new transaction to increase the fees as a recipient using the web tool. The problem is that I have never created a script myself and when I try Creating the transaction gives me an error and I don’t really know how to create this script. Later I learned that the taproot format is not supported on this site…Yes, I have continued learning along the way. Finally I was able to recover my aezeed seed in a Sparrow wallet, where my taproot addresses did not appear nor all the funds, so I changed the derivation path to find all t Transactions, even unconfirmed ones…so right click on the mouse and Voila CPFP, all my funds are now available And best of all, I still have my Blixt Wallet working.
In the case of Blixt Wallet 2, I am still waiting for the installation to be synchronized on another device with the seed and the backup file…