Bitcoin-cli listwallets

I’m tinkering with bitcoin-cli on my umbrel for learning. I sent some sats to my default wallet (bitcoin core wallet) using the umbrel web UI. The UI shows the deposit under the Bitcoin tab, but I also expected to see this wallet in bitcoin-cli listwallets. However, I see an empty array:

umbrel@umbrel:~/umbrel/bitcoin $ bitcoin-cli listwallets

However, when I use the lncli walletbalance, I do see the expected balance in the JSON.

Maybe I am misunderstanding something. Why would my bitcoin-cli listwallets show an empty array, but lncli shows the balance? How can I send commands to the bitcoin core wallet using cli on umbrel?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Umbrel is using LND aezeed wallet.
You do not have a bitcoin core wallet.
Bitcoin core is used only to provide the blocks to LND node. That’s why you will not see anything in listwallets as you would run ONLY a bitcoin core node.