Are there another SBCs that can run Umbrel except Rpi?

Hey guys!

Are there any other single board computers like Raspberry Pi that can run Umbrel?
I saw Orange Pi have nice boards, but can they run it?



However, you’ll likely need to install differently (instead of the usual SD card method).
Most people that use Orange Pi or other SBCs first set-up debian/ubuntu on the device, and then you can just use curl -L | bash to set-up Umbrel.


I’m running on a passively cooled low power Intel box. First I installed Ubuntu server, configured auto updates for the OS, then ran the install script for umbrel. Works like a charm, much better compared to the average pi install because more cpu and twice the memory.


Can I use curl -L | bash to set-up Umbrel, after setting up Debian Bookworm 64-bit ARM (AArch64) on a Raspberry Pi 5?

Any disadvantages of setting up this way, compared to the (easier) SD card method?

Anyone has an estimate when umbrelOS compatible with Raspberry Pi 5 will be released, please?

Hey @caftans for the moment this will work perfectly fine!
It’s just a bit more of a manual set-up. I will check with the team on the Raspberry Pi 5 image status