Upgrade 0.5.3 raises CPU temperature

After upgrade to SW version 0.5.2 the CPU temperature of my PI4 is around 30 degrees higher. Or, it’s not measured well or SW doesn’t registrate it, I don’t know. When I blow some air through the PI temperature drops immediately from 69 degrees to 39 Celsius which is rather remarkable.
I’m not talking about temperature during the update but a couples of days later.

Are there more members having the same problem?

Regards, Jan

I am noticing something similar: After upgrading to 0.5.2 the CPU temperature is shown as “69” C right after refreshing the screen in the settings menu. After 10 seconds it rapidly changes to 54, which is the temp. shown in the log as well. I am not sure if this is a bug, a feature or a truthful display of CPU temperature :smiley:

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Hi Orville,

Thanks for your reply and actually its good news as we know that there’s something in the SW not working properly. Statistically there will be more members with the same problem so I will turn this in as a troubleshooting case.

Thanks you

Yes, the 69C bug seems to be common in 0.5.2

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In latest update, 0.5.3 still shows high temperature. Not 69 degrees but higher than before last two updates.

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Good morning,

After SW update 0.5.3 this morning temperature in first instance was 69 degrees centigrade, whereafter I blew through the system, temperature immediately dropped back to 38 degrees. Still a temperature measurement bug in the SW. is there already notion taken off by Umbrel team?

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0.5.2 is when I also began seeing this bug.

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Just posted same issue in another thread before I saw this one: CPU Temperature – Possible bug? Since 0.5.2 & 0.5.3

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Hey everyone! Thanks for reporting this behavior. The rise in temperature after every Umbrel update is espected expected behavior, as all CPU cores of the Raspberry Pi are pretty much pegged to 100% in downloading, extracting, and running multiple Docker images simultaneously. The temperature should automatically stabilize within 5-10 minutes after the update.

Although a high temperature can be unsettling to witness, rest assured that the Raspberry Pi is rated perfectly safe to operate at upto 85°C, plus it automatically kicks in CPU throttling at 80°C to bring down the temperature.

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The initial display of :wink:69 :rofl: degrees does not happen (only) after updating, it happens every time the “settings” menu screen is activated or refreshed. It is then normalised after 10 or so seconds.


Right, it seems to be a UI bug just displaying an incorrect temp (69°C) for a few seconds each time settings page is opened, before displaying the ‘correct’ temperature after a few seconds.

Logs show:



Even when the GUI shows 69°C


Hi Orville,

After 10 seconds or so, temperature indeed drops in a rush from 69 degrees to 38. In my perception still a bug but it’s more or less solved after 10 sec. Are you seeing this as well @Filou?
@mayank thanks for catching up on this.

Have a nice Sunday.


It’s the same for me. 69° celsius when I open the configuration settings, and then after a couple of seconds normal temperature. It’s seems to be a Bug.
…69 for all of us… always… :face_with_monocle: :sweat_smile: :rofl:

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Yes, same here. UI shows 69 degrees for around 10 seconds before the display switches to the ‘actual’ temperature.

I know and is known for months already.

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