Run Umbrel and BTCPay Server in testnet

Hello, I’m trying to run Umbrel and BTCPay Server in testnet so I can make some transactions and play with some ecommerce platforms. The problem is that there is no guide or article (or I can’t find any).

Two other topics in the forums are without any answer so I think this is for some reason a bit unknown topic.

At this time my setup is running under a Raspberry 4 on mainnet but I don’t mind erasing my node to create it on testnet… But there is no docs about on how to do this. The only docs that talk about using testnet are under “custom installation” on any linux-debian os.

Is there a way to transform my actual Umbrel running on mainnet to testnet?

Do you think when running Umbrel and installing BTCPay Server it would be installed on testnet or mainnet? Or this will be figured out on installation depending on the network I’m using?

Any ideas?

You’ll have to start a brand new node (clean SSD, and a clean micro SD card), with installing Raspbian OS from the image file from Raspberry Pi manufacturer themselves, and then follow the instructions on Umbrel’s GitHub: – you’ll see the option to enable testnet is in Step #2.

After that first start, you won’t need to worry about the node accidentally switching to mainnet as that parameter will be set permanently until you wipe the node to start all over again.

Hi @DHD, I have installed as told on Testnet and the node has synced correctly. The issue I have now is that I can’t install any app, when trying I see on the browser JS console:

Failed to load resource

Also when trying to generate logs on the setting page I see the error:

Error: Failed to fetch debug data.

And on the JS console:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) api.js:100

Maybe I have some sort of firewall on raspibian blocking?

That sounds like the default mainnet is conflicting with the testnet parameter, you might need to go into the configuration files and switch them all to testnet. Also the docker files might need to be changed… I could be wrong, so let’s ask @mayank and @lukechilds – they might know more than me as they created the code for Umbrel. This actually looks like a bug.

Hi @DHD, thank you for your help.

There must be some people out there using Umbrel in testnet and installing apps like mempool or any explorer to see transactions (or in my case BTCPay Server). It seems strange to me that I’m the first one out there.

I have started the node with sudo NETWORK=testnet ./scripts/start so this means to run config scripts under testnet. Lets invoke again the force and @mayank @lukechilds.

Thank you.

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