Prune setting in Umbrel 0.5

Hi! I’m new to Umbrel and I learned that in release 0.5 there is a new configuration mode of “bitcoind”.
I saw that all “bitcoind” options are passed by command line.
How can I set the PRUNE MODE in “bitcoind”? Where can I edit this command?

Thanks in advance! I didn’t find answers online.

Hi. You can create a bitcoin.conf file in the bitcoin data directory and add what you want in it. No need to mess with bitocind parameters. The actual bitcoin data directory in Umbrel 0.5.0 is umbrel/app-data/bitcoin/data/bitcoin.

But prune a node might not be a good idea. It’s supported by LND since version 0.13, but still have implications on performace and some apps do not support pruned node.

Here is this forum have a discussion about that with more information: Running pruned node on Umbrel?

I’ve tryed to do this but the result is the crash of synchronization.
I want to test Umbrel in a PC with a small disc before to buy a large SSD and a Raspberry.

I think that the linked forum discussion is outdated.

If I do a “ps x | grep bitcoind” I see a command line very big, with all options inside the command line. Where is the startup bitcoind command?


You can find what you looking for in the file in the umbrel/app-data/bitcoin directory.

Thanks to you… I’m trying!

Thanks wsouto… it works!! But the -prune= is incompatible with -txindex that I have removed!

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