Pool (Lightning Terminal) app out in latest version 0.4.16?

After successfully updating, I noticed the Lightning Terminal app was not running. I tried to reinstall it, and could launch it, but my account was gone.

When trying t recover it, and getting some support from fellow plebs, we noticed the pool directory was not available.
Any advice would be appreciated


Extra details can be found in the Plebnet Node Runners group

Another screenshot where I haven’t been able to find the pool directory.


Found a .pool directory under the following path. Not sure where to head from here?


  1. (optional) to see what is the container ID for pool aka lightninglabs/lightning-terminal
    docker ps

  2. to open the pool container
    docker exec -it 340a5b0839f1 /bin/bash

  3. to RECOVER the account
    pool --tlscertpath “/data/.lit/tls.cert” --rpcserver localhost:8443 --macaroonpath “/data/.pool/mainnet/pool.macaroon” accounts recover

  4. verify account is recovered in Terminal pool app :tada:

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