No funds with wallet synchonised

hello, i update my node at 0.3.10 to 0.3.11 and impossible to run it correctly.

I erase the ssd and install the newest 0.3.12 with my passphrase without a backup channel at my lightning wallet.

all is synchronised and the bitcoin wallet and lnd are active but my funds are not come back.

a withdrawal is visible on the bitcoin wallet 3 minutes after my deposit.
I never took the funds out, I just opened channels in the ligntning wallet.

are my funds lost or stolen?

Yes, you likely lost your funds. Very sorry. Your seed words were likely exposed. Did you save your mnemonic words online somewhere?

my seed is only in a paper, it’s strange because i see the different transactions in memepool done when i opened ligthning channels (100021 sats, 100000 sats and 100048 sats)

I had my funds before the update to 0.3.11 while the withdrawal is dated 3 minutes after my deposit of 0.1 btc

That’s strange indeed. You should be seeing those channel open transactions. It makes no sense that you don’t. If your funds were sent out to an attacker 3 minutes after your deposit, you would not have been able to open channels. Yet, you clearly did open channels and they confirmed too.

A. Can you give your Lightning Node id so we can check if your channels are live or not?
B. Can you try to shut down your node from Umbrel and then start it up again. There is a chance your funds are OK, there is just some weird display bug.

These transactions are definitely not withdraws made by an attacker. These are channels opening transactions. When you open a channel, it locks the channel capacity (amount) into a multisig wallet (that’s how Lightning works). Each transaction has two outputs: one with the channel capacity (to the multisig) and one change, coming back to your wallet.

It is indeed possible that LND doesn’t detect the change funds, it can happen at times. Your funds are not lost. It is possible to tell LND to rescan the wallet.

Open a terminal (Powershell on Windows, Terminal app on macOS) and execute the following command to rescan wallet’s UTXOs:

ssh -t umbrel@umbrel.local "sed -i 's/\[Application Options\]/\[Application Options\]\nreset-wallet-transactions=true/g;' ~/umbrel/lnd/lnd.conf && sudo reboot"

The prompted password is your dashboard password or “moneyprintergobrrr” (without quotes).

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However, the funds on your Lightning wallet can only be restored by your channel backup file. If you don’t have it, we can check on our side if we have an encrypted backup of yours. Let me know if you need it and I will send instructions.

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one of the transactions has just appeared

Hello louneskmt, Capture d’écran 2021-06-19 à 13.30.18 I execute the command, is it correct?

yes, what’re this instructions?

Oops sorry, there is a typo in the command I sent. Try this instead:

ssh -t umbrel@umbrel.local "sed -i 's/\[Application Options\]/\[Application Options\]\nreset-wallet-transactions=true/g;' ~/umbrel/lnd/lnd.conf && sudo reboot"

the recovery of the portfolio has not progressed apart from these 3 transactions

is it possible that an admin will help me in the recovery of the “channel.backup”, my funds still do not appear since this update to 0.3.11 in my bitcoin wallet and lnd?
my node is up to date 0.3.13

Hey Rensou, did you have this issue resolved? I’m also not finding my funds when trying to recover from seedphrase but funds are present on the address.


Hey Melvis, I’m waiting for the return of my file after making contact on the telegram ( for an Umbrel admin (@AaronDewes) to send it to me in MP.
I had to give him my “$ backup_id”.
He told me to come back to me later on Tuesday June 29th, I’m still waiting.

Still waiting? Time for a follow up message I’d say.

I’ve pretty much run out of options. To be clear, I have imported the seedphrase in Blue wallet and in Blixt. Its been a few hours now and nothing has appeared. I was told it could take a while so I’ll give it till tomorrow. I’m out of ideas if this doesn’t work except for starting a new node. I don’t see how that would be different vs my import in BL.

Anyway, I hope you get your sats back soon. Let me know how you go. Good luck!!

How can I see the progress of my rescan? @louneskmt @lukechilds

Not sure, maybe in the logs.

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Thanks, will check

The commend seems to insert a line in lnd.conf to rescan the wallet.


But then

sudo reboot

it seems to be a pretty risky way of rebooting the umbrel.

Don’t you think using script to stop the node, then modify lnd.conf and re-start with script would be a safer way?

Not an expert… just trying to learn

On Umbrel OS, Umbrel runs as a service. Thus, it is automatically stopped on shutdown and started on boot. Rebooting the Pi will stop Umbrel and restart it after the reboot.

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