Migrating from Voltage to Umbrel

Hi, I am finally at the point that I would like to migrate from Voltagecloud to Umbrel on a Raspberry Pi. Has anyone completed this task?
The reason that I ask is because I would like to keep the Chanels open instead of paying the unchain fees to close then reopen them.

Thank you all!

The general recommendation is to just cooperatively close and then start a new node with Umbrel so you don’t risk a force close, or recovering into an incorrect state, which can look up funds for prolonged periods.

But I will have a look into this, on your end I believe you will just need to export lnd.conf and channel.db, then you should be able to move them over to Umbrel (while your other node is shutdown)

I’ll look into writing up some instructions for you.

Thank you for the reply. The guide on Docs.lightning.engineering alludes to the fact that it can be done safely. I thought I should ask here in hopes that someone had already completed it. Maybe I should be the first to test it out.

I will probably be ready to dive into it about a week or two from now.

There have been some people that have migrated a LND set-up to Umbrel. I’ll try find it, and write it up onto the community forum as this would be a great resource as you say