How to get access to qBittorrent downloaded files?

Can someone tell me how can I get into folder with downloaded torrents using qBittorrent app?
I have set this location in qBittorrent and in File Browser am unable to find downloaded files?
I’ve tried with Transmission and it works good but currently I’ve downloaded many GB’s in qB.

I think there is problem that default qBittorrent stores files in /app/qBittorrent/downloads , any other app in /downloads
Generally, I cannot even move or browse that location.

PS. Is there a possibility to download files from qBittorrent app to NFS or other network location?

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same issue here. had to ssh the box and move stuff in cli

(its in /home/umbrel/umbrel/app-data/qbittorrent/data/config/downloads )

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Thank you :blush:

I can find that filder and the files in it. I cannot find the directory for File-Browser´s folder in the CLI.
Could you tell me which is File-Browser downloads folder please?