How to generate a LNurl-channel from Umbrel?

I’m looking to generate LNurl-channel from my Umbrel node to allow a mobile node (Breez, SBW, or anything compatible) to get an inbound channel from my node. Same as Bitrefill or LNbig when we buy an inbound channel from them. Any idea how to proceed?

I have the same issue, did you find an answer?

No sorry I did found an easy way to do it. I found Poncho that can create Hosted channel if you use Core Lightning (which I don’t, so I couldn’t test it), but it’s not the same use case.

That’s sad, it would be an awesome feature to have as an LNbits extention for example.

I still managed to open a channel manually from my Umbrel to Breez but it’s really not user friendly.

maybe try lnbits with lnurl extensions