Custom wallpapers in Umbrel?

I have a nextcloud server and that has a custom background on it to suit my server. I would like My Umbrel node to reflect that so that there is a seamless transition between the two.

The current files for the default wallpapers have to be stored somewhere, does anyone know where this is?

Hey Takashi, I am just in the process of spinning my Umbrel Node up and I had the same question.

On the device that hosts Umbrel, go to the Files application. Then go to this navigate or copy-paste to this directory:


So far I haven’t been able to have them show up in the Wallpapers once I’m in Umbrel.

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hey @Kenobi

You’ll just to follow the file/name convention shown in this directory here.

Thanks, but that still doesn’t allow me to change the wallpaper in my own node. Any idea how I can do it?

Btw, I am a no-coder but not scared to dive into code with the help of chatgpt :slight_smile: