BTC RPC Explorer - remote access?

Hi everyone,
After the recent ridiculous things happening with wallete-plorer . com being a ip\address honeypot I’ve decided to start using umbrel’s RPC explorer.

The thing is - I’m using bitcoin explorer everywhere - on my home computers, work computer, parents computer etc.

Is there anyway to access my umbrel node’s RPC explorer remotely? or is it for local network use only?


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Each Umbrel apps have own Tor address and can be accessed remotely in totally safe way.
You do not need to open any ports on your router, Tor access doesn’t need ports.
Just open your Umbrel dashboard from Tor onion address and once you huist the button for each app it will open a specific onion address for each app. Save them in your bookmarks and you can browse from anywhere using Tor browser.
Also if you access from local LAN, each app can be accesses via web interface like http://:3002 in case of BTC RPC explorer

Here is a full list of apps ports used in case you want to use them in your LAN (not remote).