Bitcoin Core 22.0 is out

So, Bitcoin Core version 22.0 is now available from… but how do I update my Umbrel?

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just wait for the next release of Umbrel. Why so much rush?

in this case, it’s intellectual curiosity! However, if I think of running a full node as being my own bank, then I feel it should not be Umbrel’s decision as to which version of the client I run…

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Umbrel is still in beta version. It already have an open PR on Github for that update.
BTW just before Core 0.22 was released, Umbrel had a new release. You can’t update software just like that, when you have to build connections and code.
Also need to be tested before.
Just complaining that do not have latest Core software is childish.
Patience is the key.


Any news abut 0.22 ?
Many thanks

I don’t know about what Umbrel are you running, but mine is already 0.22
I think you are not updating your node buddy…