Access data from other apps? e.g. Calibre Web and Syncthing


how can I access files from other apps?

For example: I have installed Calibre Web and Syncthing, for syncing all my ebooks from my notebook
to umbrel. In Syncthing all files were sent to /var/syncthing/Calibre.
But I cannot find the folder in Calibre Web? Also I cannot find the book folder of Calibre Web in Syncthing.

Thank you very much for help.

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Hello sup,

I’m also having trouble figuring this out. It looks like we’re out luck :frowning:

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Bumping this. I tried specifying the path in docker-compose.yml (which works for jellyfin) but it does not seem to be working for Calibre Web unless there’s something I’m missing. Currently Calibre is not usable for me