What happens if you spend the money in your wallet that is allocated to channels?

Okay, so this might be a dumb question, but here goes.

The top left of the Umbrel UI shows my balance, but the balance includes the amount that I have vested in channels that I have created, which is just about everything in my wallet.

My question, is what if I also had my node’s wallet on my phone, and I decided to spend the balance in my wallet, but dipped in to what I have allocated in channels?

Would it reject? Would there be some sort of penalty? Or would it withdraw/close out channels to cover the deficit?

Thank you!

On Umbrel dashboard that is total balance you have in your node (onchain and LN channels).
If you go to Bitcoin and Lightning section wallets you will see a different balance for each.
I suggest also to use RTL and Thunderhub apps from Umbrel, will give a more insight about these aspects.
Please read this Getting started with Umbrel node guide - it will answer many of your questions.