Wallet Sync after Umbrel alias implemented?

I recently set an alias and color scheme per community instructions posted by Deekee in Jun 21. All appeared to work well, but after restarting Umbrel my Bitcoin Core shows 100% synchronized and running properly, but both wallets (BTC and Lightning) show ongoing Synchronizing but never resolve to completion.

Can anyone help me?

You put a wrong color code in lnd.conf and or added extra spaces or lines.
If you run in SSH

cd umbrel
docker-compose logs lnd

You will see the error line about color.
Use the format like this #3f2be8 - choose the code in HEX format from https://htmlcolors.com/

Then restart your node

Thanks DarthCoin. I ran docker-compose log as suggested and found the follow:

“failed to load config: /data/.lnd/lnd.conf:14: unknown option: tlsdsableautofill”

I’m so new to this that I don’t know what that is telling me??

The color I tried to use was color=#6fcb9f

Any further suggestions? Thanks, Jayber

Never mind, I stopped and thought about it. Corrected the spelling of “disable” on line 14, which I must have inadvertently screwed up… and now all is right with the world. Well, at least my node has updated and is running correctly. Thanks again!