Vaultwarden: finding the server url

What is so hard to understand?
EACH app in Umbrel will have its OWN onion address.
When you are looking to open an app in Tor, you have to open a different onion address and NOT the main Umbrel dashboard onion address.

Guys, onion address is the representation of each port used by each app in Umbrel. On Tor network THERE’S NO port, only onion address.

  1. Open Umbrel dashboard using your Umbrel onion address
  2. Go to apps and open Vaulwarden app, will open a new tab with ANOTHER onion address. Bookmark that address in your Tor browser
  3. Create and account. Will be stored in your local node database. This account is not any cloud Bitwarden account, is a LOCAL account!
  4. add your password items in there or import them from any other source or password manager. To import from other sources, go to Tools - import data.

To connect your mobile Bitwarden app, is almost the same procedure, use the onion address of your Vaulwarden (see previous point 2) to connect your mobile app to your node.

  1. Install Orbot and Bitwarden
  2. Start Orbot and add Bitwarden app in VPN apps list. Start Tor and wait until is bootstrapped. It is very important to wait to be 100% bootstrapped, otherwise it will NOT work.
  3. Start Bitwarden
  4. Put your Vaultwarden onion address in the settings, top left, in server URL (see previous point 2). NOT your Umbrel onion address!
  5. go back to main screen and login with your created account (see previous point 3).

Is not so hard guys, just pay attention to details.