Unable to connect to Eletrum

I tried to follow the instructions in Umbrel (connect wallet) to connect it to Electrum on my desktop, so far I did not succeed. I know it should be easy, just want to make sure I did not miss any step.

Umbrel is fully synchronized, finished like 12 hours ago. I start an Electrum session using ‘Select server automatically’, the colored dot in the bottom right corner for ‘Network’ is green. Next thing I start my TOR service, go to Eletrum connection, proxy tab, and enable both the “Use Tor Proxy at port 9150” and the “Use Proxy” below, setting SOCKS5 -> at port 9150. Almost instantly the network dot becomes blue, so this part seems to be fine.

The problem comes now, when disabling in Electrum the option ‘Select Server automatically’, and entering the information of my local node. I am using Umbrel’s onion address followed by ‘:50002:t’, something like

When I set this, an once the color of the connection dot becomes red and Electrum says it is “not connected”. Click again in “Select Server Automatically” and it is back to blue at once.

What am I doing wrong? Is there any app/service in Umbrel that I should install or start to make it work with Electrum?

UPDATE: In the connection instructions it is written:

Step 7: Set the Server setting to: jj*******…****.onion:50001:t

I thought this is just an example of onion address for a node, and that I should use mine. As I said mine does not work, but just for fun I tried that exact address, and with that one it works: I get the blue dot. But this means I am not connecting to my Umbrel, but to someone else’s, right?

Each app or module in Umbrel node has its own port / onion address.
See more details in Getting started guide with Umbrel - a guide that EVERY new Umbrel user should read (and many more in the Guides section of this forum).

Your Umbrel node onion address is ONLY to access the dashboard and that address should NEVER be posted in any public space. Actually none of your Umbrel apps onion addresses should be posted. Those are private.

In that “connect wallet” instruction it says clearly “this is your electrum server address” to use / copy and paste it into your Electrum app (it’s even the copy icon).

Thank you Darth, I’ll go through the Getting started link you provided, it is going to be very useful.

Then the problem is solved, I was connected to my node after all, I just did not understand it properly. Great!