Umbrel Troubleshooting Guide

What is the purpose to change the user name? it’s to replace umbrel to login in ssh, that’s all? I did change it thinking it would be my node name, and then find out above that what I was looking for was to change my node alias (and that it’s not recommended).
Should I set back my user name to umbrel or can I leave the new one it doesn’t matter much?

Totally useless. That name is meaningless, generic.
But noobs are confusing it with node public alias name. That is totally other thing.

Ok I will leave it then. I’m one of those noobs, if it’s useless, why it’s mentioned here? At least you could add a line saying that it’s useless so we don’t bother trying to change it.

Because are obsessed with changing useless names :slight_smile:

I was reading the code of Umbrel, and seems all local IPs adresses and names are hardcoded (fixed in the code), so, to run another instance of umbrel in same local network, you’ll have to change some configure files, for every new install, or you will get lots of IP conflicts.

No, why are you complicating things when are so simple.

  1. Set a static IP for each node machine
  2. Use the each IP to access your nodes or just add in your local PC hosts file a different name for each node, like umbre1.local and umbrel2.local

Done. No complicated changes into node code.

The same happened to me and i am still not able to open umbrel.local. Can somebody help us. We are new to this. I know that there are a lot of very intelligent people here that will help the ones than need the most help.

Try the IP instead of umbrel.local
ssh umbrel@IPADRESS
which you will find logging into your modem / router which gives IPs to your devices. See Darthcoins other post 1. Set a static IP for each node machine

Can you run an umbrel node on a raspberry Pi 4 that has installed Raspberry Pi OS ? Or will it erase it ?

Umbrel has its own OS, UmbrelOS (a debian base modified for Pi and node stuff). Yes it have to erase the mSD (when you flash it with Balena). Also the SSD drive should be just an empty drive, no partitioned, no formatted.

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My Umbrella Note’s 100% synchronised is done. What should I do next because he is doing zero Satoshi show in my account.
The channel is also not opening, because there is no balance in my account, so what should I do and how will the balance come?
Plz helppppp :pray::pray::pray:

Hi @mahesh

You need to send BTC/Sats to your node. once the transaction has been confirmed by the blockchain, you can open channels to other nodes.

You will find many channels on the homepage of You are also welcome to open a channel to me. as soon as you have enough remote balance, I like to rebalance the channel. my address is:


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Thanks for reply
I thought I would earn some money.
as you mentioned i need to buy some satoshi
If I have to buy some satoshi Then what will I gain from this node?

You will never really make a profit. the channels cost money, the node consumes electricity and has also cost money. the few satoshi you can earn will NEVER cover your costs. We do all this FOR bitcoin and build a simple payment method.


Have you earned anything?

Then why is everyone going so mad? There are many node making videos on youtube. In the video, it is shown like this, what can you do?
I ask you, is there really any earning from node making or mining?

Please first thing do this: read the getting started with Umbrel manual

we are patriots and want to promote Bitcoin and make it safer. In addition, we have a truly anonymous access to Bitcoin without KYC. in addition, we have access that we can regulate ourselves in the Lightning Network. I have already earned a few Satoshi but spent far more on channels and balance.


I can´t understand why using very low fees. Routing should cost few dolar cents, but not free service.


All those running a LN node, let’s set our LN channels fees to 0/0 for the whole month of February!

Why? Because “F”:

  • February
  • Fee
  • Fuck banks
  • Fuck fiat
  • Fuck you money
  • Freedom
  • Free choice
  • Free market

Hello, I’ve been trying with no success. It might be that connecting using SSH is not necessary for step1?