Umbrel is Running and dashboard is ok but ₿ node is blank

Here is a fix for the ₿itcoin node appearing as blank/not loading and causing issues for all dependent apps…

After checking logs likely you may see a line that shows “Error: Invalid or corrupt peers.dat”

What you can do is SSH into your Umbrel and first stop Bitcoin:
~/umbrel/scripts/app stop bitcoin

Then you can delete the peers.dat file (removing or renaming also works):
rm /home/umbrel/umbrel/app-data/bitcoin/data/bitcoin/peers.dat

(If the above command works it just sends you to the new line, sometimes this is confusing but that means it was successful otherwise if you run it again you’ll see it now displays “No such file or directory”)

Then start Bitcoin again:
~/umbrel/scripts/app start bitcoin

Then please wait at least 5 minutes, it can sometimes take a little longer.

Now finally reload your dashboard and you will likely see your Bitcoin Node app has begun to synchronize once more, hopefully closer to 99.8% and only take less than < 1 hour to finish.

Now all your apps will work normally again, including Lightning Node, and this also should fix the issue of Ride The Lightning appearing with the wallet locked error as well once Bitcoin Node app is done resynchronizing. If this doesn’t work or you experience any other errors please share and we can continue to assist!