Sparrow Terminal on umbel?

Hey is it possible install Sparrow terminal on Umbrel via the community app store i don’t see it listed. Is there anything i can to do have it added, or add it manually via the manual app install?
The reason i am eager to do is is because i read this article tweeted out by which outlines how to use whirlpool from an iPhone.

Hello man,
There is not app in the store right now, but it’s a good idea.

Moreover, you can SSH through your umbrel, create a new user, install sparrow server and run it throught it! Little bit techy but it works fine.



Here is what I did and it works so far.

To install Sparrow_server on your Umbrel :

  • ssh into your Umbrel
  • create a user, give it sudo acces
  • log out and log back in with the new user
  • copy the link for sparrow-server-x.x.x.arm64.deb from the web site at : Download - Sparrow Wallet
  • back in your terminal, write without the quote : "wget link-you-copied " if you have to specify the target folder, add “/opt/sparrow” after the link copied.
  • once download run “install sparrow-server-x.x.x.arm64.deb”
  • the app should now be install there : /opt/sparrow/bin/Sparrow . To start it, just write the path in your terminal.

To pair it with your Umbrel, go to preference>server>edit

  • Private Electrum
  • URL : add the ip of your Umbrel, the same one you use to ssh in. Port is 50001
  • Use SSL : No
  • Use Proxy : No
    I could not mix with a proxy for some reason, not using it fix the problem on sparrow-server AND the app on my Linux
  • Test the connection but it should work.

Here you go !
Make sure your Bitcoin Core is up to date.