Safe to update Debian components?

Is it safe to update Debian components using apt or is it better to wait for updated versions of Umbrel?

I do both. I use apt update without issue and then upgrade umbrel when is shows as available. IMO it is best practice to keep Linux OS up to date for security reasons.

I’ve even installed Webmin which is a gui which provides a bunch of functionality and will even tell you when Debian updates are available, and will even install them.

I next plan to install Portainer which is a GUI interface for the Docker containers. I use Portainer anywhere I have Docker installed.

Both Webmin and Portainer are GUIs to avoid having to use the command line. Totally not necessary but easier and lazier than spinning up an SSH session.

Good luck.

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I thought there was a minor risk using newer untested components with older version of Umbrel but I’m almost ready to try it (and to mark your answer as solution).

Thanks for the tips about gui, I will try it!

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