Pulling neutrino-switcher fails on startup script


My node has been offline for 6 days, and I went to the command line to try and fix things but I think I made it worse.

My first step was to run:

sudo systemctl stop umbrel-startup.service && docker system prune --force --all && sudo systemctl start umbrel-startup.service

And then after:

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/stop && sleep 10 && sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/start

When I got to the start script, this is the error I got:

Pulling neutrino-switcher (getumbrel/neutrino-switcher:v1.3.0@sha256:399ccea7f39129ff16c9c408f9e68a01dd4671f428273f3c3f401a8a0d2f7ddc)... ERROR: Get https://registry-1.docker.io/v2/: dial tcp: lookup registry-1.docker.io on read udp> i/o timeout

I think this docker image was pruned in my earlier command, and I don’t know how to pull this docker image over Tor. I’m connected to the Umbrel via Ethernet

Any help would be appreciated!