Opening balanced channels to various countries

Added Spain :es: and Iceland :iceland: today :slight_smile:


So glad to open a channel with you @Deekee

Good luck on connecting to more countries.

Takk fyrir mig :iceland:

Thanks for connecting and opening a balanced channel. Hope to see you add more countries. :es:

Hi, I am from Germany but living in Taiwan. We can connect. But I still need to wait for the full sync. Can’t wait to connect to the whole world :earth_africa:

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I looking forward to connect to Taiwan, just contact me via once you’re ready :slight_smile:

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I’m Swiss

Hey @Deekee – thanks for the connection! You can now add Portugal to your list.

(I opened a 50-50% channel of 2M and @Deekee did an immediate return on-chain payment of 1M. Trusted.)

Appreciate @Deekee for your co-operation and opening a mutual channel.

:pray: Thanks to all the people who had trust in me :ok_hand: and nice to see the list of countries to which my node is connected to getting bigger


  • :us:USA
  • :new_zealand:New Zealand
  • :australia:Australia
  • :jp:Japan
  • :netherlands:Netherlands
  • :sweden:Sweden
  • :fr:France
  • :de:Germany
  • :hong_kong:Hongkong
  • :es:Spain
  • :iceland:Iceland
  • :portugal:Portugal
  • :ru:Russia

Hope to add more soon!


Hello, Node operator in Austria here if anyone wants to connect to my node:



What about Czech Republic? :sunglasses: We got big use of crypto for how small country we are, also Trezor, Braiins, TropicSquare, Slush pool are our inventions … so perhaps opening channel together would result in some future routing?

I need to wait for IBD before opening channels, but once done, I would love to connect!

Sure :grinning:, as long as I don’t have a channel to your country, just contact me using

Sorry, but I’ve already promised to open a channel to another guy in Austria :slight_smile:

Hi @FiatZero I am looking to connect nodes as well, we should find a third and form a triangle.

Heyhey @Cartoshi. I’m up for a 1m or 2m triangle if we find a third participant. Cheers!

No problem! Thanks for getting back at me.

Hi, unfortunately the guy from Austria that wanted to open a balanced channel with me didn’t came back, still interested in opening a channel with me? Just contact me using

Opened channel from Canada… thanks for the help!

@Deekee Unpopular opinion but I hate telegram. I can balance a 1 or 2m channel if you’re still interested.

@Deekee Looking for a channel in Canada?

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