Newbie set up help with Raspiblitz


I have a raspi blitz with touchscreen.

I followed the set up via Umbrel and it seems to be connecting but the lcd display is just white. Anyone knows anything regarding this?

Also is it best to use safari, Firefox or tor to access Umbrel local and do should I incorporate any additional security when connecting to my router?

Any help much appreciated

If I’m reading this correctly your installing Umbrel on a Raspi Blitz.
Umbrel does not currently support touchscreen. There are a few users who have coded this to work but have not release to the public yet.

Is there a way to show a webpage or something on the screen? I’d like to be able to show some blockchain stats, a bit like The Bitcoin Machine, but hand rolled.

Hi! Looking in the community I found this

Here is the tweet and the YouTube

I didn’t test it yet, but looks good