Max TB external SSD on RPi 4

I’m currently using an RPi4 8GB with Umbrel OS with 1 TB External SATA SSD
I’m thinking upgrading storage in the near future.
Is there any max TB SSD that RPi4 can run? I heard somewhere it’s 2 TB

the 2tb limitations your remembering come from the limits of the MBR file system when using a external disk as a boot device in some circumstances, found some discussion of that here on the pi forums

when it comes to a data disk that you aren’t booting from your likely to have more luck using something bigger then 2tb. Either way sticking to a disk size of 2tb or less is likely to provide you the most seamless results.

Its also really important to monitor how much power draw you put on the Pi from external devices so as you start expanding you may want to consider adding disks have external options.


i’m using 4TB without any issues


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