Lightning Terminal Initiated Loop Out

In LT happened that I started a Loop out from a channel that I eventually deleted after. Am actually not sure these two loopOuts were done for the deleted channel. Can I verify somehow?

At the moment the loopOut is still Initiated after two days

Any suggestion?

These are the most expensive swaps… and very tricky.
If you really want to make some swaps fast and cheap use:

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yes, good call, are many like these. Even with a friend you can swap.

Do you mean to send someone XXm sats in exchange for them to send them back?

… look’s promising!

RoboSats - http://robosats6tkf3eva7x2voqso3a5wcorsnw34jveyxfqi2fu7oyheasid.onion
Make an offer for sats to onchain
Github -

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