Is there anything I need to look out for while setting up other things on my Umbrel?

  • Will my SD card get erased on an update?
  • Will my SSD have unknown folders erased, such as for storing data.
  • Will the Tor config get reset?
  • Is there any way I can make custom apps for my instance only?
  • Can I modify the startup/shutdown script without it getting overwritten?

No, just update the new version. OS is on mSD, user data and blockchain is on SSD.


No, but if you change it in some way in lnd.conf or docker repository configuration, then yes, it will be reset to default.

Yes, if you know how to add them in docker containers.

Yes, if you know what are you doing, but after an update, just, put back the modified ones.

I really hope you know what are you doing.

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So tor services will be fine. Great.


I won’t try to do stuff that may break things.

If you keep backups of those files, lnd.conf etc, and you can restore them in any case, is just fine.
Is your testing toy anyway. Breaking things is learning, but is better to document all your steps you do so you can go back easily.

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