How to restore your node wallet (updated)

yes, but use the backup channels file from umbrel dashboard not from RTL or TH.
I hope you did one before this happen. Don’t use one from this status because it will give you error.

  • Blixt will close the existing channels and send funds to your onchain wallet
  • do not power on your Umbrel in this process until you get the funds back
    Once is restored, you can start over with a new user data in Umbrel. See the Umbrel Troubleshooting Guide how to reset user data, without deleting the blockchain data

Boss, mayank has finally replied me and helped me fix the problem :laughing::sob:.

And what was the solution?

what was the solution?

some code which i don’t know, i just “copy and paste” a few times and then it’s fixed. you need to contact developer if you have this problem, only they can fix it AFAIK

woahh complete disaster, lnd wouldn’t start up lol good thing I left my current node in tact. I do have watchtowers enabled and I’m a watchtower to a few nodes. I also have wumbo channels enabled do you think these would cause lnd not to start up?

Fixed. Thank you all Mayank helped big time as well.

Sorry but i’m a bit confused.

If Step 1 is:

scp <path/to/your/channel/backup/file> umbrel@umbrel.local:/home/umbrel/umbrel/lnd/channel.backup

then shouldn’t Step 2 be:

cd ~/umbrel && ./bin/lncli restorechanbackup --multi_file /home/umbrel/umbrel/lnd/channel.backup


I followed this and it actually didn’t work. But it worked fine while node active.

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Hi Guys, I hope someone can help me. My node crashed and I have now biuld up a complete new node from scratch. I managed to restore my BTC core funds, but still have quite some amount looked in the channels from my old node. Luckely i had created a backup file for my channels. However, I cannot get the command line work as stated in step 1.

The command code used is: scp Users\v_smi\Desktop\New [umbrel@umbrel.local:/home/umbrel/umbrel/lnd/channel.backup]

Outcome of the command after filling my password is no such file or directory. I am not a programmer, or familiar with command codes, so hope someone can help me.

You are trying to get the file from your local PC, not from local drive of the node. You have to copy in your node that file, somewhere in /home/umbrel/ for example. Then run the restore command using the path to that local file.

Hi Darthcoin,

Thank you so much for this response. Do you know what command line i could use in my SSH connection to copy the file from my PC desktop to /home/umbrel/?

or just use a simple USB stick to copy it

Thanks will read it and try it out. My first lesson in Linux command codes :wink:

I personally recommend a simple and fast recover of funds from a dead umbrel node: read the option no.3 (restore in Blixt + create new instance wallet in new Umbrel install). Is the easiest, faster, clean recover. Plus you will get a nice companion for your new Umbrel node.

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I tried this, but all my channels remain empty and the app keeps syncing. Let me first try your option 1 via SSH and if not working I can try again the Blixt app.

If you already started the process of restore in Umbrel DO NOT START it in any other app or node instance !


I have managed to copy the back file in the umrel/lnd folder and executed the step 2 command via SSH, but nothing is happening. Do I need to name the file differently?

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name doesn’t really matter, can be anything.
What do you expect tpo happen in that terminal command line? It’s done.
As it says in the instructions: go to your Umbrel dashboard and you will see now in the process of closing those channels