Help dockerize an app

Can somebody here familiar with docker and umbrel help me dockerize my modified version of front accounting?

It’s a full featured web-based double Entry accounting program with advanced things such as accounts receivables, accounts payables, inventory tracking, automated recurring transactions…

I have modified it to integrate with BTC pay server. It has automated URL QR generation for clients on printed invoices and hypertext link in the email body. When the client makes a payment accounts receivables and inventory is updated automatically including cost basis of the Bitcoin. Inventory feature could be used for personal finance to automate cost basis for taxes.

FrontAccounting needs
Apache or other web server
PHP (7.4 preferred)

Thank you!

Wow nobody? Lol . I’ll try to figure it out myself. It doesn’t look too bad.

It’s not too hard to get that kind of thing up and running.
What you want to do is find a base image you’d like to use as a LAMP stack or follow a few guides.