Changing the disk without closing the channels

Hello. I have my umbrel fully synced with some channels opened. Am I able to change the disk without closing my channels? What is the best way to do it? Should I try to clone the disk? Thanks.

Quite interesting situation.
Anyway, first step is to make a backup of the channels, in dashboard - lightning - save backup file. Just in case the cloning fails.
But being an ext4 not sure which cloning program will do it.
Try with Acronis backup, is very powerful tool and is doing bit by bit cloning disk. So you will have to take out the node disk and attach it to another PC + new disk. Boot up with the CD made by Acronis and select clone disk.

I used that Acronis doing hundreds of clones with many OS installed. Works nice.
Good luck!

Thanks for advice. Backing up before the whole process is a sure thing. Since I have access to a linux computer I was thinking of the dd command for the cloning. But I surely check out that Acronis solution.