BTC Sessions Out of Date Unable to Find New

I’m very new to this world and decided to follow the BTC Sessions guide to set up a BTC node on Umberl, by the great Ben from BTC sessions. All’s great until you get to the walk through of the Umberl UI. Now there is no longer a need to set up the 24 word pass at the start and you use the apps to start the syc process.
The UI image on the getumbrel webpage also looks out of date to me (I could be wrong here)
Can I ask if there are any up to date guides guides using the latest version of Umbrel for the complete newbie.
(I think I am working things out with the help of the TG group but dont like to keep posting daft questions there)

Hey @Horace :wave: Sorry for the delay,
BTC Sessions made an up-to-date guide on how to setup Umbrel in 0.5.1 :fire:
You can check it here