Bitcoin Wallet transaction without my imput

Just had a transaction on my Umbrel Bitcoin wallet that I did not do myself.
It was a fee of $1.62.
Looked it up in the mempool, and it looks like there is an input/output of my total funds in the Bitcoin Wallet of $352.00. Not alot of money, but does this mean my bitcoin wallet has been hacked?

Dunno, but if you’re concerned that someone else has access to your wallet, you should probably just sweep everything into a new wallet.

Been thinking about how this happened. My guess is what happened is a closing channel request from one of the nodes I was connected with. There is a fee of $1.61 being spent from my bitcoin wallet. The fee is stuck in the mempool with a 55sats/vb fee. My wallet had $350.00 in it. Can’t spend it or sweep it till that $1.61 transaction gets included into a block. Based on what’s going on in the mempool now, could take a month to clear. When it does I expect that the balance of the $350 - the $1.61 will be available for me to sweep. I think my fear that my wallet was hacked is incorrect at this moment.