Any working desktop wallet?

Is there any desktop lightningable wallet that actually works ?
Here is a list of functionality needed :

  • open close channels private or public
  • connect to ligthning node via tor

Anyone has experience with this to share ?

The only desktop app that connect to your node is Zap.
You can also use perfectly for those operations RTL (Ride the lightning) and Thunderhub web app (both are already as apps in Umbrel).

All these aspects were explained in the Getting started with Umbrel - did you read it? You should.

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Yep it was a great read thanks…

So there is no desktop wallet working over tor then.
Good to know then ‘:)’

Yes it is: RTL and Thunderhub. You can use them anytime, anywhere behind Tor.
Each Umbrel app have its own Tor onion address that can be accessed through Tor browser.

@DarthCoin RTL and Thunderhub are web applications not desktop applications


and what is a web app? is not working on any desktop?
Does it really matter if you open that app in a web browser or in a UI ?